The Basics of Twitter

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In this course we will unlock the basics of Twitter. Get excited, hese are the building blocks used in each and every successful Twitter marketing campaign or strategy! We will cover the setup of your account, how to tweet, and more! So what are you waiting for, let's jump right in!


Timothy Robertson

I grew up in a split household. Most people consider a split household to be when the parents separate. Well, not only were my parents separated, but they were polar opposites. You see, my dad is gay, and my stepdad is a U.S. Marine. As you can imagine, this created some interesting family dynamics. But it did teach me a great life lesson: it is invaluable to be able to see a situation from multiple perspectives.

I have two sisters and one brother, but when I was young, I wanted nothing more than to build Legos in my room, by myself. I was all wrapped up in my own affairs, and I sat in my room each day, building all sorts of crazy things: gumball machines, jets, robots. You name it, I built it. I did this day after day, completely unaware of the world around me. But that all changed when my step-dad was deployed. He was sent to be aboard an aircraft carrier going to the Middle-East for several months.

At this point, my mother invited a friend of hers to stay with us while he was gone. This friend was trouble. She would yell and scream for hours on end over trivial things. On several occasions, we would be stuck at the store with her for 3+ hours while she screamed at the cashier over little things like expired coupons, or the cashier's tone of voice.

With this influence in our home, I had little choice but to become the protector of my brother and sisters. And I have to admit, she scared me senseless, but it was either protect my brother and sisters, or let them be emotionally battered by our extended houseguest. And so I stepped up to take care of them. I not only stood up for myself, but I also became the voice of my brother and sisters.

After our guest left the house, I turned away from being the family protector for a few years, thinking to myself “they can take care of themselves.” Then I met the kindly woman who lived across the street. Her grandson had been put in the middle of his parents' bitter divorce. She was the protector of her grandson, and she never faltered in that duty. That dedication to keeping others safe made a massive impression on me as a child.

When I got a little older, I discovered that my younger brother has Tourette Syndrome. This result in a slight and uncontrollable twitch, and the neighborhood teenagers made fun of him mercilessly. Drawing upon the experience I had being protective and the influence of the kind woman from across the street, I decided that no matter what comes, I will step into my role as the protector of my family. I took it upon myself to end the harassment. I gave each person one warning, and when they continued, I took the rashest course of action possible: I started a fight. And while no one harassed my brother after that point, I still regretted that I had taken such drastic measures to accomplish this.

I expanded the people I protected to include family, friends, and eventually, complete strangers. Along the way, I made enemies out of many a playground bully, but I also made some lifelong friendships with those I protected.

Years later, my dad began a web design and online marketing business. It was his dream. He spent long, hard hours each day, hunched over his desk, working on his clients online marketing strategies. I saw this every day, as I witnessed the dark lines form under his often bloodshot eyes, heard his breath become ragged with fatigue, and being young, I felt partly responsible for this. So, embracing my role as the protector, I helped any way I could.

It was an incredible challenge, but I learned the marketing trade, and soon he began to call me and ask for my help. After struggling with his business for a few difficult years, he decided despite his dream that, to take care of the family, he would rejoin the workforce, where he remains to this day.

Then came my high school, and there, I was very good at avoiding my assignments. You see, the way my high school was set up, I was my own teacher, so when I didn't want to do an assignment, it didn't get done. This held me back though, because I made myself busy instead of productive. I was focused on instant gratification, playing video games mostly, and that clearly reflects the results, or lack thereof, that I got. One day, I finally realized that my lack of dedication was only going to hurt me, and I could feel the icy fear of an unknown future creep into my being.

So I resolved to finish my high school right. I faced that icy feeling, stared it down, and created a more certain future. Every day from dark in the morning until dark the next morning, I would study. I did this for three months. Finally, I finished my high school, having done half my sophomore year, as well as my entire senior years’ worth of work in three months. I had focused harder on my school work than any of my peers, and as a result, I got better and faster results, graduating at sixteen years old.

My dad's struggles in the business world stuck with me. Being a dedicated student of success and the protector of my family, I began on an endeavor to ensure no other business owners have to feel the stress of the long days, working weekends, and sheer overwhelm that my dad faced each day.

My fiancee at the time (now my wife), Jennifer, and I puzzled over this for a time, and then we made a great discovery: We found out how to save business owners like my dad precious time, money, and sleep. We have condensed and refined this into a series of tools that begin with IntraSocial.

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