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Branding is really just an advanced form of psychology, and one of the most influential aspects of psychology is the psychology of color. Color can affect people's moods, their blood chemistry, and their buying decisions. In this course, we will introduce you to the powerful knowledge of the psychological effects of color on your audience. Get ready for an amazing new insight into your branding!


Jennifer Robertson

For me, starting out as the homeschooled daughter of a zoo director, I never knew what it was like to be a "normal" d. s always the "Dastardly Daughter of the Director." When I was good all day, I got to carry the frozen rat to the eagle exhibit. Yes, that was a reward, not a punishment!

Being homeschooled and raised in a zoo, this led me to being around A LOT of adults growing up. I did hang around a couple kids, but I found that I wanted to be more like the grown-ups than the kids. So I hung out with the adults. I listened to their stories and I asked them questions. I saw and heard some things that a kid should not see or hear, let me tell you! Don't ask me about rhinos or mandrills, because you will not be able to unhear it! I became a mini-adult at a very young age. One lady once said to me, “Oh, you're so sweet to put up with us old people...” and I looked at her, “You're not old, you’re experienced.” Imagine a 10 year old saying that to you! Gosh!

This gave me a HUGE head start on learning how to interact with real people, but it also came with its disadvantages. I became intolerant of people my age and often found myself isolating myself from them so that I wouldn't have to deal with them. I thought they were stupid and that I was better because I knew what was coming ahead of me (because the adults had been there already). I felt angry and ignored and left out. Kids around me wanted to talk about boys or cell phones or who did what to whom, and I just didn't fit in. I wanted to talk about politics, jobs, money, and history. Nope, the problem was them, not me. Or so I thought.

While I was really little, I found that I had a knack for making things. I could make just about anything out of paper or yarn, and it would be my best work up to that point. Anything I did, whether it was crafting, singing, dancing, cooking... anything... I did my best and I would exceed all expectations. Something was pulling me to do my best and to always provide quality to whomever I was around.

Then, when I was in my early teen years, everything fell apart. My dad's employees ganged up and got him transferred to a job he hated, my grandmother, who had severe Alzheimer's, was getting worse and worse, and I was tasked frequently with having to bath her, my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and I lost all belief that things were possible. That was the year I stopped believing in Santa Claus. Color was plain, sound was dull throbbing, and emotions were suffocating.

A few years a later, I met my first mentor - Kumu ("teacher" in Hawaiian). This led to me being invited to Hawai'i to train and perform in groups. I came to Japan to perform in a huge group... where I was the only mainlander... the only one to learn 10 dances by video... the only one to learn the songs and translations by heart, because I had to in order to embody the dances and their meaning. It was a struggle, and I felt like giving up because it was too hard. But that is where I realized that I needed to trust myself and do what I knew was right. We performed, the crowd cheered, and we left for yet another performance - a smaller, yet much more impactful performance. We were to perform for a monk and his guests at a 1,000 year old temple in Kyoto. This performance was magical and all the girls were one body that harmonized and displayed Hawaiian past. Afterward, we ate dinner with the monk... where he got drunk... yes, I have video proof!

When I started my business, I had no idea it would lead to where we are now. I never really saw myself working for anyone else and the thought of being told what to do made my skin crawl. But the thought I loved the most was that I could help business owners. People who felt they didn't have the resources to do what they need to do... I could help them feed their families.

So I looked where every budding web designer goes to find clients... CraigsList! And guess what... the very first person I emailed hired me for the project. But being the goody-two-shoes I am, I immediately went down to City Hall, walked into the brick building and purchased my business license. The moment I walked out the door, I called my first client and said, "I am ready, let's do this." I jumped in head first, not really knowing what I was going to do with contracts and all that not-so-shiny stuff. I had a great sense of responsibility and knew I needed to get the project done. And so I did.

Then, he referred another person to me, who had very high standards for work and personal integrity. It was around Halloween time, and he told a story about his daughter picking up a dollar bill at a pumpkin patch. He told her, "that's not our dollar bill, that is someone else's. So we need to go give it to the pumpkin patch owner so he can find who dropped it." Living up to that level of integrity was daunting.

We were in the middle of the project, and he called me up and said, "you know, I think in this project, it is the blind leading the blind. You're new and this is a field I am just getting into, so I am going to pay you for what you've done and switch to another service for my website." My heart sank, but my goal was to make sure he got the service he needed. So I asked if there was anything I could do to make his experience better and get his project done." He paid me, and went to the new service.

The next two weeks left a pit in my stomach... a sense of failure overwhelmed me. So I busied myself with housecleaning and things like that. So one night, I was cleaning the toilet, and my phone rang... I answered... my client who left, had called me up, and said, "hey, how are you doing? Are you busy?" I could tell by the tone of voice that he had good news... "well, I am cleaning a toilet, but I can take a break from that for a few minutes!" He told me, "you know, I like you more now, since you let me go, than I did when we started the project. I have another project for you to start on right away." That was one of the most validating days in my business and he is still a loyal client and mentor of ours. Since that point, he has complimented us on being one of the most efficient companies he works with.

From that point, the business went through ups and downs, with many clients coming all at once and then none at all... wash, rinse, repeat. The work was hard and I spent long hours each day to give the quality they wanted and deserved. I was doing everything myself and I prided myself on the fact that I was a "one-man-show". It drained me, though and eventually, the business came to a standstill.

I needed help, so I took one last leap of faith and I trusted a new plan and a new set of eyes. My fiancé at the time, and now my husband, Tim, came into the business with a plan to grow a team. So, we built a team to handle the tasks that I had previously been doing all on my own. There were challenges and there were trials, but we finally found a way to help business owners with an all-star team.

Together, Tim and I built our lives and our business around a strong relationship that always thinks of promise for quality before anything else. We puzzled over how to help people going through struggles and people who didn't have the experience in marketing that we did to move their business forward. So we developed a system that would take weight off of the overloaded business owner. Their marketing would never be the same and I firmly believe that it will save businesses and save families. I would like to introduce you to IntraSocial.

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